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Stop Equating “Science” With Truth August 11, 2017
Women of color face staggering harassment in space science July 13, 2017
Dark Matter Recipe Calls for One Part Superfluid June 15, 2017
Newly created 2-D magnet could point the way to slimmer, faster computers June 9, 2017
Scientists discover a 2-D magnet June 7, 2017
Zhou Shuxuan Renaissance Art to Theoretical Physics June 6, 2017
Thouless Institute for Quantum Matter (TIQM) June 5, 2017
2017 UW Department of Physics Graduation Celebration - Streaming June 9 at 4 PM June 5, 2017
Remembering Ernest Henley, physicist and UW College of Arts & Sciences dean emeritus April 17, 2017
Former professor in Physics and Nobel Laureate dies at 94 April 9, 2017
Physicist Hans Dehmelt, the first UW professor to win a Nobel Prize, dies March 27, 2017
Hans Dehmelt — Nobel laureate and UW professor emeritus — has died at age 94 March 21, 2017
10 Black Women in Academia That You Need To Know About February 9, 2017
Scientists plan to march on Washington — but where will it get them? February 9, 2017
The Department is Seeking to Hire Faculty Member in the Field of Experimental Nuclear Physics February 2, 2017
Professors Majumdar and Xu Discover an Important First Step Towards Building Electrically Pumped Nano-Lasers January 26, 2017
Russian Jamming Got You Down? Try Talking Underwater January 12, 2017
UW Hyperloop team fuels its final dash to the national pod races with crowdfunding January 10, 2017
Dark Matter Hunters Are Hoping 2017 Is Their Year January 3, 2017
In Stockholm ceremony, UW professor emeritus David Thouless receives Nobel Physics Prize December 14, 2016
Microsoft researchers lay down a big bet on topological quantum computers November 22, 2016
Quantum computers can talk to each other via a photon translator November 16, 2016
The Structures of Our Cells Live Inside the Stars November 7, 2016
Axion Alert! Exotic Particle Detector May Miss Out on Dark Matter November 7, 2016
David Thouless For Physics, Another Nobel November 2, 2016