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Eot-Wash Group Photo Three UW Physics professors are the recipients of the 2021 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics September 10, 2020
Protein design and physics earn UW professors a pair of prestigious Breakthrough Prizes September 10, 2020
2021 Breakthrough Prize Winners Announced: Researcher Who Developed Protein Design Technology Awarded $3 Million September 10, 2020
Four UW professors win 2021 Breakthrough Prize — so-called ‘Oscars of Science’ September 10, 2020
Comp Sci Building UW receives NSF funds for investment in an interdisciplinary quantum future September 1, 2020
UW receives NSF funds for investment in an interdisciplinary quantum future August 31, 2020
Lillian McDermott (1931-2020) July 16, 2020
Yankowitz portrait Matthew Yankowitz receives prestigious YIP award July 10, 2020
McLerran Computing Larry McLerran's Paper Tops Physical Review D 50th Anniversary Milestones July 9, 2020
Professor tackles one more mystery about quantum mechanics and time’s flow July 1, 2020
What is the slowest thing on Earth? June 22, 2020
Zakkir Rahman Portrait Dancing with the Stars — and Planets June 17, 2020
MWA at night Scientists close in on 12 billion-year-old signal from the end of the universe’s ‘dark age’ June 11, 2020
grads2018 Physics Virtual Graduation Ceremony - June 13 at 10am June 11, 2020
UW researchers working on ‘flashlight-like’ device to destroy viruses and bacteria on surfaces April 28, 2020
Dark matter decoys April 7, 2020
gravity research news Experiment finds that gravity still works down to 50 micrometers April 6, 2020
Three UW students selected as 2020 Goldwater Scholars March 30, 2020
Physicists have narrowed the mass range for hypothetical dark matter axions March 6, 2020
New Generation of Dark Matter Experiments Gear Up to Search for Elusive Particle February 3, 2020
croppedmountain Summiting the Unknown: New Physics, Celebrating the Legacy of Ann Nelson - July 14 - 16, 2022 January 24, 2020
AxionLog Axions Beyond Gen 2 Workshop - March 24 - 27, 2020 January 23, 2020
New Instrument Will Stretch Atoms into Giant Waves January 13, 2020
There's a Giant Mystery Hiding Inside Every Atom in the Universe January 1, 2020
Neutrino Mass Viewpoint: Homing in on the Neutrino Mass December 5, 2019