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Our faculty are involved in many research groups and experiments. Browse by research area, faculty, or group. Note that areas can overlap and faculty can be associated with multiple areas.

Research Areas


Professor Research Areas
Adelberger, Eric Gravitational Physics, Astrophysics, Nuclear Experiment, Precision Measurement
Andreev, Anton Condensed Matter Theory
Bardeen, James General Relativity
Beane, Silas Nuclear Theory
Bertsch, George Condensed Matter Theory, Nuclear Theory
Blinov, Boris Atomic Physics, Quantum Information
Brahmia, Suzanne White Physics Education
Bulgac, Aurel Nuclear Theory
Burnett, Thompson (Toby) High Energy Experiment, Particle Experiment
Chaloupka, Vladimir Science and Society
Chavarria, Alvaro Astrophysics, Particle Experiment, Neutrino Physics, Nuclear Experiment
Chu, Jiun-Haw Condensed Matter Experiment
Cobden, David Condensed Matter Experiment, Nanoscale Physics, Quantum Information
den Nijs, Marcel Condensed Matter Theory, Biological Physics
Detwiler, Jason Neutrino Physics, Nuclear Experiment, Particle Experiment
Ellis, Stephen Particle Theory
Fidkowski, Lukasz Condensed Matter Theory, Quantum Information
Fortson, E. Norval Atomic Physics, Precision Measurement
Fu, Kai-Mei Atomic Physics, Condensed Matter Experiment, Nanoscale Physics, Quantum Information
Garcia, Alejandro Nuclear Experiment, Precision Measurement
Goussiou, Anna High Energy Experiment, Particle Experiment
Gundlach, Jens Gravitational Physics, Biological Physics
Gupta, Subhadeep Atomic Physics, Precision Measurement, Quantum Information
Heckel, Blayne Atomic Physics, Gravitational Physics, Precision Measurement
Heron, Paula R. L. Physics Education
Hertzog, David Nuclear Experiment, Particle Experiment, Precision Measurement
Hsu, Shih-Chieh High Energy Experiment, Particle Experiment
Kaplan, David Nuclear Theory, Particle Theory
Karch, Andreas Particle Theory
Lubatti, Henry High Energy Experiment, Particle Experiment
Majumdar, Arka Condensed Matter Experiment, Nanoscale Physics
McDermott, Lillian C. Physics Education
McLerran, Larry Nuclear Theory
Miller, Gerald Nuclear Theory
Morales, Miguel Astrophysics
Nelson, Ann E. Particle Theory
Olmstead, Marjorie Condensed Matter Experiment
Reddy, Sanjay Astrophysics, Nuclear Theory
Rehr, John J. Condensed Matter Theory
Robertson, R.G. Hamish Astrophysics, Neutrino Physics, Nuclear Experiment
Rosenberg, Leslie Particle Experiment, Precision Measurement
Rothberg, Joseph High Energy Experiment, Particle Experiment
Rybka, Gray Astrophysics
Savage, Martin Nuclear Theory, Particle Theory, Quantum Information
Schick, Michael Biological Physics, Condensed Matter Theory
Seidler, Gerald Condensed Matter Experiment, Energy Sciences
Shaffer, Peter S. Physics Education
Sharpe, Stephen R. Particle Theory
Sorensen, Larry Biological Physics
Spivak, Boris Condensed Matter Theory
Thouless, David Condensed Matter Theory
Vilches, Oscar Condensed Matter Experiment
Watts, Gordon High Energy Experiment, Particle Experiment
Wiggins, Paul Biological Physics
Wilkes, R. Jeffrey Astrophysics, Neutrino Physics, Particle Experiment
Xu, Xiaodong Condensed Matter Experiment, Nanoscale Physics, Quantum Information
Yaffe, Laurence Particle Theory