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Research in condensed matter physics reveals and elucidates new phenomena that emerge from the collective behavior of many interacting quantum mechanical particles or larger constituents. The impact of this work is far reaching, from the discovery and control of new phases of matter with exotic fundamental excitations, to the development of new materials and devices with novel electronic, optical, magnetic and/or thermal properties which may enable new classical and quantum technological applications. With an emphasis on close collaborations between experimentalists and theorists, current efforts include the creation and exploration of novel two-dimensional (atomically thin) and hybrid materials, as well as the design and control of semiconductor- and superconductor-based qubit devices and the search for exotic quasiparticle excitations with charges and statistical properties unlike those of elementary electrons. We are also engaged in pioneering new directions in the study of dynamics, feedback and control of quantum coherence and entanglement in many-body systems. 

The Thouless Institute for Condensed Matter (TIQM) serves as the hub of our vibrant condensed matter community, bringing together students, postdocs and faculty from multiple departments interested in condensed matter and connected areas including quantum information and atomic physics. The TIQM holds research seminars, journal clubs and twice-yearly workshops, provides student fellowships, and hosts visitors from around the world. A broad perspective on quantum science and engineering activities across campus can be gained from the QuantumX website. Condensed matter physics also overlaps substantially with Biophysics.

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