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April 20, 2022
UW News has posted a story about advancements in quantum materials by a team led by researchers at the University of Washington, the University of Hong Kong and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. In a paper published this morning in Nature, the team reports that light — from a laser — can trigger a form of magnetism in a normally nonmagnetic material. This magnetism centers on the behavior of electrons “spins,” which have a potential application in quantum computing. Scientists... Read more
Donna Strickland Photo
March 29, 2022
Nobel Prize in Physics 2018  will give the Frontiers of Physics lecture “Generating High-Intensity, Ultrashort Optical Pulses” on May 19, 2021. The event will take place in Kane Hall 130 on UW Seattle campus. You can view the event info on the Physics events calendar.
SARS-CoV-2 variants
March 29, 2022
Remembering a virus’s chemical bits and pieces is one way the immune system fights disease, as doing so lets the body respond faster to a repeat infection. This immune memory relies on specialized memory cells, a mechanism that is different from another of the body’s memory systems, odor memory, which stores chemical information in a collection of distributed neurons. Why does biology use different memory strategies? Why don’t humans “smell” viruses? The answer, according to new research, is... Read more
Katrin Spectrometer
February 23, 2022
UW News has published a story about new findings in the quest to determine the mass of the neutrino, the lightest known subatomic particle. In a paper published Feb. 14 in Nature Physics, the Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino Experiment — or KATRIN — reported that the neutrino’s mass is below 0.8 electron volts. Honing in on the elusive value of the neutrino’s mass will solve a major outstanding mystery in particle physics and equip scientists with a more complete view of the fundamental forces and... Read more
Shua Sanchez
December 2, 2021
CEI Graduate Fellow Shua Sanchez is exploring the frontiers of new materials while striving for justice in his community Growing up in small-town Wisconsin, Shua Sanchez’s exposure to science and university research was limited. At a young age, he became aware of climate change and read widely about ways to combat it, but it took until his final year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for him to... Read more
Armita Nourmohammad Headshot
October 25, 2021
Congratulations to Dr. Nourmohammad!
Kaplan and Hertzog
October 15, 2021
Congratulations to Professors David Kaplan and David Hertzog! Professor Kaplan has been awarded the 2022 Herman Feshbach Prize in Theoretical Nuclear Physics for "multiple foundational innovations in nuclear theory, including in lattice quantum chromodynamics, effective field theories, and nuclear strangeness, and for strategic leadership to broaden participation between nuclear theory and other fields.”... Read more
A3D3 Concept
September 28, 2021
Science is in the midst of a data deluge: Experiments are churning out more information than researchers can process. But a new endeavor, centered on artificial intelligence, will help scientists navigate this data-rich reality. On Sept. 28, the National Science Foundation announced $15 million, five-year grant to integrate AI tools into the scientific research and discovery... Read more
September 22, 2021
Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics 2021 laureate and UW Professor Emeritus Eric Adelberger will give the Frontiers of Physics lecture “Gravity: the biggest open question in fundamental physics” on October 20, 2021. Professors Blayne Heckel and Jens Gundlach—who shared the prize with Prof. Adelberger—will join him for a panel discussion following the lecture. The event will be streamed online. You can view the... Read more
Yankowitz and Nourmohammad Portrait
August 30, 2021
Assistant Professors Matthew Yankowitz and Armita Nourmohammad have both been selected as 2021 recipients of NSF Faculty Career Development (CAREER) Awards, which are given to outstanding early-career faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education.  The award to Prof. Yankowitz is for "Tunable topological states in twisted van der Waals heterostructures” while the award to Prof. Nourmohammad is for "Emergence of functional organization in the adaptive... Read more