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Help UW Physics support Undergraduate Women

Submitted by Shane D Debolt on November 9, 2018 - 9:47am
CUWiP Fundraiser

The University of Washington (UW) Physics department is proud to be hosting our regional section (website) of the national Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics sponsored by the American Physical Society (APS).  This is one of 11 conferences in the nation that will be held simultaneously January 18-20, 2019.  The main goal of the conference is to increase the participation of women in physics by giving the exposure to the field and the resources/connections to succeed.

Our local organizing committee (composed primarily of UW Professors, UW graduate students, and UW undergraduates) was extremely successful at getting the word out and we received 284 applications when APS projected us to receive 160. The main difference is the number of students we were able to attract from our regional community colleges. UW with APS has managed to accommodate most of these young women via routing some states to other regional sites and by expanding our own capacity to 200.

The overall percentage of women physics bachelor’s degrees is declining and is less than 20%. As one of the largest undergraduate physics institutions in the country, UW would like to play an integral role in helping to reverse this trend. For all programming, lodging (2 nights), and food, the conference attendees only pay a $45 dollar registration fee, which is waived in case of need. APS provides UW $100/student. The remainder must be made up for by us. While we have been able to obtain some support from the University and have been fortunate with the industrial support we have received, we are now looking for additional support to help us accommodate these students.  

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