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INT S@INT Seminar: "Large-momentum effective theory for partons"

Xiangdong Ji, Center for Nuclear Femtography, SURA and University of Maryland
Thursday, July 30, 2020 - 10:30am


Parton distributions are the momentum distributions of quarks and gluons in a hadron travelling with infinite momentum or at the speed of light. They can be obtained through a system expansion of the momentum distributions in a large but finite momentum (P) state in terms of a small parameter  Lambda_{QCD}/P. Non-analyticity at P=infinity, however, requires using EFT technology of matching and running to recover partons.  This large-momentum effective theory strategy can be  applied to calculating parton physics of hadrons such as the standard PDFs, generalized parton distributions, transverse-momentum-dependent PDFs, as well as light-front wave functions through lattice QCD simulations. For a non-technical discussion, see

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