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Exam Procedures

There are two common midterm exams in Kane Hall for all Phys 114, 115, 116, 121, 122 and 123 sections (excepting the honors section). See your course website for the dates of these exams.

  • Phys 114, 115, and 116 exams occur at 5PM on Tuesday night
  • Phys 121, 122, and 123 exams occur at 5PM on Thursday night

Students with DRS accommodations should see the instructions here.

Seating charts

The 1xx administrative assistant will send an email with special seating requests and room announcements about one week before the exam.

Your instructor will send out an email or Canvas announcement with your assigned seat about a day before the exam.

If you forget your assigned seat, a copy of the seating chart will be available at the front of the exam room.

Exam Procedures

  1. Doors are locked to student entry until setup is complete. Wait outside the correct classroom. Note that the monitors in Kane Hall are not correct, so use the room announced with the seating chart.
  2. Students enter, pick up an exam at the front of the room, and take their seats.  Note that there may be many exams in the exam room, so be sure to pick up an exam from a box labeled with your section.
  3. An announcement is made to begin the exam in time to allow a minimum of 60 minutes of work. Please be sure to write your name on all colored pages of the exam booklet.
  4. Students with questions during the exam should raise their hands. Should access by an instructor prove not feasible, students must come to the end of their row in order to ask a question.
  5. The exam period shall be a minimum of 60 minutes. Time warnings will be announced at roughly the halfway mark, again 5 minutes prior to the end of the exam, and at the end.
  6. When time expires, students are expected to stop working and move toward an exit to deposit their exam booklets and scantron sheets. The exam is color coded, so be sure to return your exam to a box with the same color as the color of the front page of your exam. If your exam booklet has become unstapled, be sure to re-staple it with a stapler provided at the front of the classroom before returning the exam. Students who finish early shall deposit their exams and scantron sheets into the appropriate box as they leave the room.

Exam Rules

  • Closed book/notes
  • NO laptops, PDAs, iPods, etc - All cell phones must be OFF
  • NO earphones
  • NO baseball caps
  • Bring ONLY Pencils, calculator, UW scantron sheet (8.5 x 11” purple ink on white paper), optional straight-edge, ruler, or protractor
  • Scantron sheets may be purchased at the bookstore     
  • DO NOT bring
    • Personal “cheat-sheet” – a sheet of relevant formulas will be provided with the exam paper
    • Bluebook or scratch paper
  • Space for long-answer problems will be provided in the exam package - Use back of exam sheets for scratch paper
  • Exam will begin promptly as announced
    • Arrive early and take your seat (check if seats are assigned)
    • Finish on time – late exams may not be accepted.
    • ALL exam papers must be turned in before you leave.