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1xx Online Homework


You will use the MasteringPhysics online homework system and Learning Catalytics in-class quiz system for the introductory physics courses. These need to be connected to the course Canvas page for you to get credit, so follow the instructions below carefully to minimize problems. The procedure to connect to MyLab and Mastering is different depending on which class you are enrolled in. So, choose the correct section below.

Connecting to MyLab and Mastering for PHYS 114-115-116

Sign into your Canvas course and follow the instructions in this document on connecting to MyLab and Mastering.

Note that when you enrolled in PHYS 114, 115, or 116, you were automatically placed in the opt-in state to purchase the eTextbook, “MyLab and Mastering,” and “Learning Catalytics”. The fee will be added to your student Tuition and Fees account, and you have to pay before the deadline by clicking on the pay button on MyUW Accounts page to be taken to your cart at You must enter your name and UWNetID so that the correct student account can be credited. The detailed information, including the payment deadline, is in your welcome letter email from the University Book Store. In step 2 of the instructions above, you can see how long you have to opt-out, but if you opt-out, you will need to purchase “MyLab and Mastering,” and “Learning Catalytics” later at a higher price through Pearson.

The balance due for your Day One Access materials will appear on your Accounts page in MyUW, underneath your tuition balance. To pay for your materials, click the “make payment” button underneath the balance, and you will be re-directed to your shopping cart on You will receive an order confirmation after submitting payment – please keep this confirmation for your records. Your balance due in MyUW will be updated within 24-48 hours.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PAYMENT: The balance for your Day One Access materials is NOT part of tuition, and is paid separately. If you have not paid by the posted deadline, you will lose access to your materials.
Questions? Visit for more information about the program, or contact University Book Store via email at

Connecting to MyLab and Mastering for PHYS 121-122-123 or 141-142-143

Before starting note that you need an access code. Please see 121-122-123 Courses or 141-142-143 Courses for more details.

Please note before starting that you need to allow pop-ups and cookies. If you have problems, check out the troubleshooting section at the end of these instructions.

You should have your access code handy (see section title “Access Codes” above), but you do not need a course ID. If you are prompted for a course ID, you are doing something wrong, so please follow the procedure below carefully.

  1. Sign in to your Canvas course.
  2. Select “Access Pearson” in the Course Navigation on the left of the Canvas page. Select “Open Pearson” in the middle of the page. A new tab or window should open in your browser. If it does not, check that you have enabled popups. In the new window, click on “Open MyLab & Mastering.”
  3. A new tab or window should open in your browser. You may be asked to accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Enter your Pearson account username and password to link accounts. You have an account if you have ever used a Pearson MyLab & Mastering product, such as MyMathLab, MyITLab, MySpanishLab, MasteringBiology or MasteringPhysics. If you don’t have a Pearson account, select Create and follow the instructions.
  5. Do one of the following:
  • a. Enter your access code (see section title “Access Codes” above)
  • b. Buy access using a credit card or PayPal account
  • c. Get temporary access by selecting the link near the bottom of the page
  • From the You’re Done page, select Go to My Courses.
  • Troubleshooting access to MyLab and Mastering

    Make sure your computer meets the system requirements:

    The Pearson technical support site is located here.   
    If they do not get their issue resolved quickly, have them email Pearson reps at

    Connecting to Learning Catalytics

    1. First ensure you have connected to My Lab and Mastering following the instructions in the section titled "Connecting to MyLab and Mastering for PHYS …" above.
    2. Follow steps in the section titled "Connecting to MyLab and Mastering for PHYS …" above to open up a MyLab and Mastering website.
    3. Click on the link in the top right-hand corner that says "Learning Catalytics". Follow the setup instructions.

    After the above procedure, you should be able to go directly to during class and click on the active session.

    Troubleshooting access to Learning Catalytics

    If you selected option b. at step 5 in the section titled "Connecting to MyLab and Mastering for PHYS 12X or 14X" above, and from there you selected the cheaper option, then this does not come with the etext or Learning Catalytics. You have the following two options:

    1. Upgrade to the option with the etext and Learning Catalytics following these instructions (PDF).
    2. Purchase Learning Catalytics independently. I have been told this works by a student, but I am not sure on exactly how this works.