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1xx Online Homework


You will use the MasteringPhysics online homework system for the introductory physics courses. This needs to be connected to the course Canvas page for you to get credit, so follow the instructions below carefully to minimize problems.

Access Codes

Before starting note that you need an access code.

Phys 114, 115, 116: You have already purchased the access code as a part of your registration fee. Your instructor will provide you with an access code, which is typically found on the syllabus page for your course.

Phys 121, 122, 123: You need to purchase an access code. Please see 121-122-123 Courses for more details.

Phys 141, 142, 143: You need to purchase an access code. Please see 141-142-143 Courses for more details.

If you purchase your textbook through the bookstore, your access code will come physically with your book. While you are waiting for the physical copy to arrive, Pearson's 14-day free trial period will give you access to course materials. As long as you enter your access code before the trial period ends, all of your progress will be transferred over to your free account.

If you purchase your textbook or online access directly from the publisher, you will receive your access code digitally.

Connecting to MasteringPhysics

Please note before starting that you need to allow pop-ups and cookies. If you have problems, check out the troubleshooting section at the end of these instructions.

You should have your access code handy (see section title “Access Codes” above), but you do not need a course ID. If you are prompted for a course ID, you are doing something wrong, so please follow the procedure below carefully.

  1. Sign in to your Canvas course.
  2. Select “MyLab & Mastering” in the Course Navigation on the left of the Canvas page (highlighted blue in image below). Then select “Open MyLab & Mastering” at the top of the Canvas page (highlighted yellow in the image below).
    location of MyLab and Mastering link
  3. A new tab or window should open in your browser. If it does not, check that you have enabled popups. In the new window, you may be asked to accept the terms and conditions. After that you should see something like the image below.
    Pearson account login screen
  4. Enter your Pearson account username and password to link accounts. You have an account if you have ever used a Pearson MyLab & Mastering product, such as MyMathLab, MyITLab, MySpanishLab, MasteringBiology or MasteringPhysics. If you don’t have a Pearson account, select Create and follow the instructions.
  5. Do one of the following (for Phys 114, 115, and 116 only select option a. as you have an access code as part of the course)
  • a. Enter your access code (see section title “Access Codes” above)
  • b. Buy access using a credit card or PayPal account
  • c. Get temporary access by selecting the link near the bottom of the page
  • From the You’re Done page, select Go to My Courses.
  • Troubleshooting access to MasteringPhysics

    Make sure your computer meets the system requirements:

    The following sites are for common access issues with MyLab and Mastering.

    The Pearson technical support site is located here

    If they do not get their issue resolved quickly, have them email Pearson reps at