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Proton Smash 2017

2017 Proton Smash in AstronoMay at Pacific Science Center

      • Goal: Operate a computer simulator to learn about particle physics and the world’s most powerful proton smasher in the AstronoMay​ in Pacisific Science Center
      • Photos:
      • Events:
        • Working group meeting to be decided
        • Paws-on-Science: Smashing Protons Booth
          • Contact: Catherine Scharon <>
          • Table Volunteers should register ( ) by May 23th.
          • Date: May 27th
          • Time: 10am~6pm
          • Location: Pacific Science Center
            • How to reach Seattle Center by bus:​ From Campus Parkway and 12th Ave, take the 32 bus to end of the line. Walk east for roughly 3 blocks and you should see the Science Center on your right​.
        • Volunteers: