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Proton Smash 2015

  • Time/Location: 10am~6pm Apr 11 (Sat) at Pacific Science Center
  • Events:
    • April 5th working group meeting 
      • Time: 5pm~6pm
      • Location: PAB B205
    • Paws-on-Science: Smashing Protons Booth
      • Contact: Barbara Young <>
      • Volunteers shoudl register (link​) by April 5th.
      • Time: 10am~6pm
      • Date: April 11th
      • Location: Pacific Science Center
  • Harware Instruments
    • Laptops: PACS will support one windows laptop and 2 Mac laptops
    • Black table cloth: Nikola will provide
    • Projector:
    • Projector screen: Nikola will provide
  • Table Volunteers:
    • Consultant: Prof. Shih-Chieh Hsu
    • Leader: Nikola Whallon​
    • Photographer: TBD
    • Logistic: Nikola Whallon's minivan will transport equipment
    • Group1(8:30am-10:00am): Nikola Whallon, Paul DeStefano  - responsible for bringing all equipement and setting up the booth
    • Group2(10:00am~12:00pm): Anni Xiong, Jacob Johnson
    • Group3(12:00pm~2:00pm): Jason McDonald, Kezhu Guo
    • Group4(2:00pm~4:00pm): Robin Mumm, Robert Gunn, Nick Dreyer, Travis Chen
    • Group5(4:00pm~6:00pm): Nikola Whallon, Robert Gunn, Tun Sheng- responsible for cleaning everything up