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Masterclass 2018


  This is ATLAS Z path measurements masterclass 2018! We will analyze proton proton collisions delivered by the Large Hadron Collider and collected by the ATLAS experiment in 2012. This is a subset of data contributed to the discovery of Higgs boson in 2012 and leads to the Phyics Nobel Prize in 2013.



  • Mar 10 2018 9am~2pm
    • Vidyon conference at 1pm
      • ​​Seattle, South Bend


  • UW Seattle campus Physics and Astronomy Building B108/B110 
  • Transportation: When you enter the campus at West Gatehouse (near 15th Ave and NE 40th Street), pull up to the kiosk and ask for parking close to Physics and Astoronmy building. They should direct you to lots C1-C6,  which are fairly close to the buildings. For complete details on UW parking, see the parking info page.


  • Each student is required to go through following pre-lectures and carry out assignments before coming to the masterclass.

Schedule & Resources

8:30am Regsitration
9:00am Safety/introduction (Hsu)
9:10am Theory and Tutorial (Dr. Michael Park)
9:30am Hands-on analysis
12:00pm Lunch in PAA A114 (prepare your own lunch)
12:30pm Discussion (Hsu)
1:00pm Video conference:  
2:00pm End of the class

  • Each student needs to finish the Pre-lecture assignment before coming to UW.
  • Each student needs to bring his/her own laptop to UW. 
    • It's fine for two students to share one laptop alghough you will find it is easier to use one laptop for analysis and the other laptop for reference reading.
  • Each student needs to prepare their own lunch bag (Sorry. No microwave availalbe).
    • Due to timezone difference (we need to join the Vidyo conference in midwest time), we will quite likely work on our lunch during analysis.
Software and samples: