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Masterclass 2013

Higgs Discovery Masterclass: March 9 2013

This is a one day (9:00am~4:30pm on March 9 2013) workshop to recruit high school teachers and students to use exercises based on real data from the Large Hadron Collider. The focus this year is the discovery of Higgs Boson detected by the ATLAS detector. Students work and interact with scientists in the Fermilab via remote conference system. More stories in Prospectives Apr 2013 ​issue.

The International Masterclasses and Higgs discovery masterclass information could be found in:



UW team and the Z boson peak found in the data (Gordon Watts) - More pictures​


More information about the event:


  • High school students may participate only under the supervision of their teachers.There is no cost for participation, however transportation to and from UW must be coordinated and/or funded by the participating school. There are bus routes that can drop groups off almost directly in front of the physics building. ​



  • Teachers and students will come to UW Physics, Room A108 in the Astronomy building on March 9 2013. 
  • Bring a sack lunch. We may be able to provide pizza or drinks depending upon the numbers attending.
  • In the morning, we will do the masterclass together with UW scientists. Students will learn about particle physics experiments and event analysis.
  • In the afternoon, we will do a remote video conference meeting with other students in different countries to share results and discuss findings with other students as well as Fermilab physicists. 
  • Teachers will receive a 2 hour orientation on Feb 23 2013. 
    • Orientation Page
    • Masterclass 2013 resources​
    • Pizza will be available and web conferencing may also be possible. The teacher orientation is critical and ensures that teachers are familiar with the materials. This will enable students to have some basic understanding of the masterclass before March 9. It also ensures that the students will have enough information so that they can be active participants during the workshop. 
    • Teachers will be asked to introduce the students to the masterclass by using QuarkNet developed resources.