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Cosmic Ray Workshop 2016

UW QuarkNet Cosmic Ray Workshop

Aug 15- Aug 17 2016


This is a three day workshop for high school teachers and students during which they receive training in the use of QuarkNet's cosmic ray muo​​n detector (CRMD) and Cosmic e-Lab. The e-Lab provides an online environment in which students, working in a research group, experience the environment of scientific collaborations in a series of investigations into high-energy cosmic rays. 


From​ start to finish this is a  teacher-guided and student-led project. Each teacher could bring upto 4 students to join the program. This year we can support upto  6 teachers and 12 students. 


During these 3 days will be dedicated to the Cosmic Ray Detector and e-Lab. These detectors are new to UW and are not made with CASA ( yellow scintillator) components. The e-Lab is where the cosmic data is uploaded and stored and from which data analysis will be performed on your collected data. This does not use LabView nor the UW generated analysis tools as was the case for the previous WALTA detectors. Rose Emanuel will lead you in the building and standing up the new detectors. You will also plateau ( optimize) the detector and use the data for analysis. You will even be able to construct an online poster!


Stipend support:


Each participant teacher can receive a stipend of $100/day and each participant student can receive a stipend of $64/day. 

Apply Here: Teacher Application.html


Instruments prepared by participants:

Each group (two people) needs one laptop (MacOS preferred/Windows is​ fine)

Schedule: 9am~5pm 





UW PAB B248  [map][travel]

​Parking: CENTRAL PLAZA GARAGE, LEVELS C2-C5​ (note: The physics building is due south of the parking garage. The closest parking will be on the lowest level, C5, and will be near the exit ramp. Tell the attendant that you are in the QuarkNet Workshop.







Kelso High School Rose Emanuel < TBC
 Meadowdale High Jim Landon​​ <​>​ Brooke Hoppe
 Audrey Bass
 Alex Fan
 Matthew Bui
 Fiona Rand
 Jack Busby 
Raisbeck Aviation High​ ​Scott Mccomb <>
Nikhil Joshi <>​
​Jillian Mellinger <>
Xhelan Sylve <>
Lauren Smith <>
Jordan Nicholson <>
Spencer Slaton <>
Interlake High ​​ Prana Mittal <>
Jawahar Madan <>
Fergus Mo <​>
Shannon Cassady <>
​Bellevue College ​Kevin Wheelock <>​
​​​Aug 15Aug 16​Aug 17
​Program ​Cosmic Ray Muon Detector/eLab; Instructor: Rose Emanuel
8:30am​ ​​Registration
9am ​Welcome/Intro (Prof. Jeff Wilkes) Cosmic eLab Overview (Rose Emanuel) Work time (All)
​10am Galactic cosmic ray (Prof. Jeff Wilkes)
Data Upload (All) ​Implementaion Plan (Teachers)
​11am QuarkNet/CRMD overview (Rose Emanuel)  Data Analysis (All) ​Poster presentations (All)
Future plan
Wrap up by 12pm
​1pm-5pm ​CRMD assembly, plateau, calibration, data-taking (All) Performance analysis tool, 
Flux/Shower analysis tool, 
Team CR investigation,
Wriate shared poster (All)



Mentor: Prof. R. Jeff Wilkes <>, Prof. Shih-Chieh Hsu <>
UW QuarkNet Staff: Mark R Adams <>
UW QuarkNet Fellow: Rose Emanuel <>, David Trapp <>
Workshop Documents and Links
Introduction to Cosmic Rays
Reference Materials
  • Workshop preparation for metors and teachers [WorkshopPrelimsMar2015.docdoc]
  • CRMD overview [CosmicWorkshop2015RevC.pptppt] by Bob Peterson

  • Galactic and extra-galactic cosmic rays and detectors [UHECR-jw-qnetworkshop15smaller.pdfpdf] by Prof. Jeff Wilkes (Aug 16, 2016)
  • Cosmic Ray Muon Detector manual [pdf​] by Chunyang Ding

Other Resources

  • Hyper Link to i2u2 event page
  • Workshop photon [google photos​]
  • VIDEO: Ring of Truth- Phillip Morrison (PBS)Morrison's 1987 PBS series, THE RING OF TRUTH, where in the episode "Mapping" he drives along a longitude line from border to border, demonstrating *pre-modern navigation* using Eratosthenes’ method to find latitudes, and Cassini’s tables of Jupiter’s moons to find longitude.
  • Compton Cosmic Ray Studies with Electroscopes -Arthur H. Compton's organization of expeditions in the early 1930s to measure cosmic ray fluxes with uniform instrumentation (electroscopes) at many sites in the US and around the world. This article details his journeys.