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AIS Masterclass 2013

Date: Aug 19 2013
Location: Physics and Astronomy Building [map][transportation]​
Participants: Prof. Michael St. John and 6 students from the Art Institute of Seattle will join the one-day masterclass in the University of Washington.
Requirements: Please bring your laptop for this event. 


​9:00~9:30 ​Introduction ​Shih-Chieh Hsu ​B305
​9:30~10:30 ATLAS Virtual Visit​ ​Lynn Marx, Shawpin Chen ​B305
​10:30~10:50 ​Coffee Break
​10:50~12:00 ​ATLAS Mastercalss - Hypathia  ​Seyda Ipea ​B156
12:00~13:00​ ​Lunch
​13:00~13:20 ​ATLAS Pixel ​Jordan Raisher ​B052
​13:30~13:50 ​ATLAS Muon ​Kevin Jamison ​Senior Lab
​14:00~15:00 ​Discussion - Art, Science and the Community [art@LBNL][cosmos@eu] ​Shih-Chieh Hsu ​B156