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Recommended Practices for Succeeding in 12X

  1. Go to TA and instructor office hours on Zoom.
  2. Get help early. No matter what techniques you’re using to get help (study center, work groups, office hours, all of the above) try not to let confusion on a topic accumulate. Understanding the foundation is important for understanding what comes next.
  3. Don’t overly focus on your grade. Most people (future physics majors included) perform lower than they are used to on 12x exams. This is totally normal. The tests are designed so that the vast majority of people won’t get perfect scores. Aim for personal improvement over some abstract grade. Also, post-midterms is a great time to either go to the study center or offices hours and work through what you missed on the exam. When it shows up on the final exam you’ll pick up a lot of extra points.
  4. Read the textbook before lecture. Set aside time to read the relevant text sections before the scheduled time. This is an easy way to reinforce your learning. Hearing a concept you’ve already introduced yourself to once is a lot more useful than trying to listen to a description of a totally new topic.