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Study Center

The physics study center is a place where you can work on problems either by yourself or as a group. It is also a place where in-person office hours are held.

To get to the study center go down the stairs next to the pendulum in PAA.

Study Center Stair Entrance

Then go to the end of the hall. As you enter the study center it should look like this.

Study Center Hall Entrace

The first section (where you can see tables in the photo above) is for students to work on their own or in groups.  The second section (in the background in the photo above) is where people will hold in-person office hours.  You should see a list of the people holding office hours for your class on your Canvas main page under a link titled “Office hours”.

If you would like to work with others from your class, grab one of the signs (shown in the photo below) and place it on your table. Or look around and see if there is another table where someone has already grabbed a sign, and then ask them if they would like to work on the course material with you.

Study Center Sign