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Taking Exams


In Winter and Spring Quarters 2021, each exam will be administered remotely for a fixed duration at a given time. See the syllabus for exam schedules.

The test will be online on Canvas and is open book and open notes. You are encouraged to create your own equation sheet/notes rather than trying to find the information in the textbook during the exams, as this can be time consuming and you may lose access to the e-text during the test.

Note that there are multiple versions of each question so that everyone will get a different set of questions.

Required materials

  • Access to Canvas: There is a known issue with viewing images on Canvas Quiz using Safari. The recommended solution is described here. Some resolved this issue by using Chrome instead.
  • Pencil
  • Several sheets of paper
  • The instructor’s email address
  • Calculator
  • Timer
    There is a countdown timer in Canvas telling you how much longer you have before your answers are automatically submitted (when the time is up).  However, some students in the past reported not being able to see the countdown timer, so please have your own backup timer.

Exam procedure

  • When you first load the exam, print the exam as a pdf in case you lose access to the exam on Canvas during the exam.
  • Make sure you have a pencil and several pieces of paper. Be sure to also write down your multiple-choice answers on this piece of paper before or after you answer each question on Canvas. You can simply write a number (counted from the first answer choice shown in the question being 1).
  • You should do the following if you lose internet connection while doing the exam.
    • Email the instructor with your problem if possible or send them a message via Canvas messaging.
    • Do not try to reload the exam while internet is not working as you should be able to continue answering on Canvas without an internet connection. But you will need an internet connection to submit your answers at the end.
    • If you no longer have access to the questions on Canvas, use the saved pdf version to see the questions and continue to solve the questions on the piece of paper.
    • If you do not have internet when the time is up, Canvas will automatically submit the answers you have entered until then when you reload the exam page after regaining internet.
    • If you cannot submit your answers on Canvas at the end, take a photo of your piece of paper or type your answer choices and email this to the instructor or send her a message via Canvas messaging as soon as possible. It is important that you contact her as soon as possible to ensure that everyone has the same amount of time to do the exam.
  • If you cannot do one part of a problem, move on to the next part. If you leave a question blank, Canvas will give you a warning when you try to submit. You can either give your best guess or leave it blank. There is no penalty if your answer is incorrect.
  • You should press the submit button only after you have answered all the questions.

Getting help during the exam

If you are confused about a question, you should email the instructor or send them a message via Canvas messaging and ask for clarification. The instructor will not give you hints.

If the instructor needs to make an announcement during the exam, it will be sent via Canvas messaging. The “Inbox” icon in the far-left menu of a Canvas page would have a blue circle with the number of new messages. Please keep an eye on this during the exam.

Student conduct

You cannot communicate with anyone other than the instructor about the exam. This includes distributing the exam questions, asking a friend for clarification, and discussing the exam questions with others during or after the exam until the answer key to the exams are distributed by the instructor. You will be asked to sign the following honor statement as the first “question” of the exam to receive credit for the exam:

By choosing "Yes, I pledge on my honor." below, I pledge on my honor that I have not sought, received, or given, and will not seek, receive, or give, any unauthorized assistance on this examination. If I discuss the contents of this exam with others before the answer key for this examination is posted by the instructor, I recognize that this breach will be reported to the Student Conduct Office. Being found responsible for such a breach by the Student Conduct Office would not only be dealt with by that office but would also result in a score of zero for this examination, and this zero score could not be dropped in the grade calculation for me and for the person, or people, with whom I conversed.

Students with DRS accommodations

The DRS testing center is closed for in-person testing, so students will be taking exams online. No testing contracts will need to be filled out for this quarter.

Students with accommodation of extra time will have appropriate amount of time added to their exam time at the end of the exam. So, they should start the exam at the same time as the rest of the class.

Students with accommodation of breaks not counting towards the exam time will have extra 5 minutes added to every 30 minutes of exam time. For example, if the duration of the exam is 60 minutes, 10 munities will be added.

Known issue: Images in quizzes might not display in Safari 13.1

Safari 13.1 is set by default to block "cross-site tracking." This default security setting interferes with display of embedded content, such as images. This is especially disruptive when images are used in quiz questions. Instructure is aware and currently working on a long-term resolution. For now, Canvas support recommends that users either turn off the option to "prevent cross-site tracking" or use a different browser.

In Safari, students can turn off cross-site tracking by taking the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the top left corner of the screen and choose Safari>Preferences.
  2. Click Privacy.
  3. Ensure that Prevent Cross-Site Tracking is turned off.

Please note that it may be necessary to log out of Canvas and log back in once you have modified this setting to see these changes.