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Physics Introductory Courses

Spring 2020

Spring quarter courses will be held entirely online, including labs. More info about Spring quarter classes will be posted on Canvas once available.

Course/Section ​Instructor
Physics 114 A Kazumi Tolich
Physics 114 B Kazumi Tolich
Physics 115 A Usama al-Binni
Physics 115 B Usama al-Binni
​Physics 116 A David Smith
​Physics 116 B David Smith


​Course ​Instructor
​Physics 117 Suzanne Brahmia
​Physics 118 Gerald Seidler
​Physics 119 Jens Gundlach


​Course/Section ​Instructor 
​Physics 121 A Armita Nourmohammad
​Physics 121 B Jason Detwiler
​Physics 121 C Jason Detwiler
Physics 122 A Amal al-Wahish
Physics 122 B Amal al-Wahish
Physics 123 A Nikolai Tolich
Physics 123 B (H) Gray Rybka
Physics 123 C Nikolai Tolich


​Course ​Instructor
​Physics 121 Labs Suzanne Brahmia
​Physics 122 Labs Gerald Seidler
​Physics 123 Labs Jens Gundlach
​Physics 121/122/123 Tutorials Peter Shaffer