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Observation of Many-body Dynamical Delocalization in a Kicked Ultracold Gas

arXiv: 2106.13773

Coauthers List: Jun Hui See Toh, Katherine C. McCormick, Xinxin Tang, Ying Su, Xi-Wang Luo, Chuanwei Zhang, Subhadeep Gupta

Contrary to a driven classical system that exhibits chaos phenomena and diffusive energy growth, a driven quantum system can exhibit dynamical localization that features energy saturation. However, the evolution of the dynamically localized state in the presence of many-body interactions has long remained an open question. Here we experimentally study an interacting 1D ultracold gas periodically kicked by a pulsed optical lattice, and observe the interaction-driven emergence of dynamical delocalization and many-body quantum chaos. The observed dynamics feature a sub-diffusive energy growth manifest over a broad parameter range of interaction and kick strengths, and shed light on an area where theoretical approaches are extremely challenging.

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