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Moire Graphite Press Image
July 27, 2023
For decades, scientists have been probing the potential of two-dimensional materials to transform our world. 2D materials are only a single layer of atoms thick. Within them, subatomic particles like electrons can only move in two dimensions. This simple restriction can trigger unusual electron behavior, imbuing the materials with “exotic” properties like bizarre forms of magnetism, superconductivity and other collective behaviors among electrons — all of which could be useful in computing,... Read more
Quantum computing leap with a magnetic twist
June 28, 2023
UW News has just posted a story about new advancements in quantum computing by a team led by Dr. Xiaodong Xu — the Boeing Distinguished Professor of Physics and a professor of materials science and engineering at the UW (as well as the Clean Energy Institute, MolES and NanoES). Developing quantum computers hinges on building a stable network of qubits — or quantum bits — to store information, access it and perform computations. Yet the qubit platforms unveiled to date have a common problem:... Read more
Mark Rudner Portrait
May 22, 2023
Associate Professor Mark Rudner is the 2023 recipient of a Brown Investigator Award from the Brown Science Foundation which will support research by Mark and his group investigating new paradigms of nonlinear quantum many-body dynamics in solid state, cold atomic, and synthetic quantum systems. At its core, this work will uncover and... Read more
CENPA Megapixel CCDs
May 9, 2023
The DAMIC-M dark matter experiment, in which Assistant Professor Alvaro Chavarria plays a key role, has reported its first results including world-leading constraints on sub-GeV dark matter particles interacting with electrons. Read more at
Faser Particle Detector CERN
March 24, 2023
An international team of scientists has for the first time detected neutrinos created by a particle collider. The discovery, announced March 19 by the Forward Search Experiment — or FASER collaboration —  at the 57th Rencontres de Moriond Electroweak and Unified Theories conference in Italy, promises to deepen scientists’ understanding of the nature of neutrinos, which are the most abundant particle in the cosmos. FASER’s detector picked up neutrinos... Read more
Kai-Mei Fu Photo
February 8, 2023
In a world abuzz with smartphones, tablets, 5G and Siri, there are whispers of something new over the horizon — and it isn’t artificial intelligence! A growing field of research seeks to develop technologies built directly on the seemingly strange and contradictory rules of quantum mechanics. These principles underlie the behavior of atoms and everything comprised of atoms, including people. But these rules are only apparent at very small scales. Researchers across the globe are constructing... Read more
2023 CUWiP Poster
August 26, 2022
The UW Physics Department will be hosting a Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, Jan 20-22, 2023. Learn how you can apply, volunteer to help, or donate at the event website.
H9 T cell infected by HIV
July 25, 2022
UW News has just posted a story about new research on HIV therapies by Dr. Armita Nourmohammad, an assistant professor of physics here at the University of Washington, and collaborators in Germany. In a paper published earlier this week in eLife, Dr. Nourmohammad and her colleagues report that carefully designed cocktails of broadly neutralizing antibodies, or bNAbs, could help treat HIV while minimizing the risk of the virus evolving to “escape” treatment. Their study shows... Read more
Adam Reiss Picture
June 16, 2022
On July 20, 2022, 2011 co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics and Albert Einstein Medal receipent, Adam Riess, will be speaking at an upcoming Frontiers of Physics Lecture Series event. You can read more and register for the event at the event page.