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New NSF-funded institute to harness AI for accelerated discoveries in physics, astronomy and neuroscience

Submitted by Shane D Debolt on September 28, 2021 - 10:42am
A3D3 Concept

Science is in the midst of a data deluge: Experiments are churning out more information than researchers can process. But a new endeavor, centered on artificial intelligence, will help scientists navigate this data-rich reality.

On Sept. 28, the National Science Foundation announced $15 million, five-year grant to integrate AI tools into the scientific research and discovery process. The award will fund the Accelerated AI Algorithms for Data-Driven Discovery Institute — or A3D3 Institute — a partnership of nine universities, led by the University of Washington.

The A3D3 Institute aims to accelerate the discovery pipeline by providing scientists with new, paradigm-shifting AI tools for analyzing the types of large and complex datasets that are an increasingly common feature of research — from medical laboratories to particle colliders.

“I have been fortunate to work with an exceptional group of talented researchers, and am thrilled to continue to be a part of solving some of the most fundamental issues in science and engineering. The ultimate goal of A3D3 is to construct the institutional knowledge essential for real-time applications of AI in any scientific field,” said Shih-Chieh Hsu, a UW associate professor of physics and director of the A3D3 Institute. “A3D3 will empower scientists with new tools to deal with the coming data deluge through dedicated outreach efforts.”

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