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Why reinvent the wheel? The case for LEGEND and DarkSide technological overlap

Claudio Savarese, PhD
Tuesday, April 23, 2024 - 4:00pm
CENPA Conference Room NPL-178

Advances in instrumentation drive transformative discoveries in Particle Physics. The development of large-mass experiments with granular readout systems is pushing the boundaries of rare event searches.

Two of the most exciting endeavors of Modern Physics, shedding light on the nature of neutrinos and directly observing Dark Matter (DM), might well be within the reach of the next generation of detectors. I will introduce the LEGEND and DarkSide experiments and highlight the shared underpinning technologies and techniques.

The DarkSide program relies on dual-phase Time Projection Chambers to probe the dark matter parameter space with unprecedented sensitivity and over a vast range of candidate masses. The LEGEND experiment aims to observe the hypothetical neutrinoless double-beta decay of Germanium-76, thus proving that neutrinos are Majorana fermions.

Although very different in scope and energy range, these experiments share similar background suppression needs. I will detail the development of the DarkSide-20k photo-detection system and the strategy for procuring its DM target made of ultra-pure argon. I will then show how these elements can be adapted to aid the design of LEGEND

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