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Bootstrapping Dual Resonance

Grant Remmen, New York University
Tuesday, November 28, 2023 - 3:00pm
PAT C-421

String amplitudes famously accomplish several extraordinary and interrelated mathematical feats, including an infinite spin tower, tame UV behavior, and dual resonance: the ability of the amplitude to be represented as a sum over a single scattering channel. But how unique are these properties to string amplitudes? In this talk, I will demonstrate that it is possible to construct infinite new classes of tree-level, dual resonant amplitudes with customizable, non-Regge mass spectra. Crucial ingredients are Galois theory and a particular dlog transformation of the Veneziano amplitude. The formalism generalizes naturally to n-point scattering and allows for a worldsheet-like integral representation. In the case of a Regge spectrum, I will investigate whether the structure of the Veneziano amplitude can be bootstrapped from first principles. Even there, we will find that there is extra freedom in the dynamics, allowing for a new class of dual resonant hypergeometric amplitudes with a linear spectrum.

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