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IBM Qiskit Panel --Running Experiments on more than 100 Qubits

Roland Farell, IQuS
Friday, October 27, 2023 - 9:00am to 10:00am
PAT C-520

Running Experiments on more than 100 Qubits Panel, Introduction by Jay Gambetta

IQuS’s Roland Farrell will be 1 of 4 panelists with Jay Gambetta discussing the new era of quantum simulations with more than 100 qubits. Join IQuS to watch the stream in C-520, or use the link provided below.

From IBM’s website:

This session will be a little different from the usual Qiskit Quantum Seminar. Following an introduction by Jay Gambetta, this panel discussion will highlight some of the recent work using circuits with more than 100 qubits in order to push science forward, and discuss what it takes to perform research at this scale.

Quantum computing has long been in an exploratory phase, where researchers largely ran small-scale experiments. These experiments were valuable, both to help educate the community about how to run circuits on quantum hardware and to validate the tenets of quantum computation. But these experiments don’t push the field of quantum computation forward, since we can simulate them exactly using a classical computer. Therefore, real advancement means we need to run large circuits—and we need to run those circuits on real quantum hardware. Today, papers from researchers based at the University of Washington, Stony Brook University, IBM, and elsewhere are exploring a space beyond exact classical simulability, running circuits with over a hundred qubits and hundreds‚ even thousands of gates.