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Optical tweezer arrays of neutral Yb atoms: an exciting platform for quantum simulations of nuclear physics

Michael Bishof, Argonne National Lab
Wednesday, May 31, 2023 - 1:30pm
PAT C-520

Neutral atoms trapped in regular arrays of optical tweezers have emerged as a leading platform for quantum computation and simulation.  More recently, tweezer array systems based on alkaline-earth-like atoms, and ytterbium in particular, have demonstrated exciting advances in quantum information science by leveraging their unique and advantageous atomic properties.  In this seminar, I will discuss recent progress in neutral atom optical tweezer systems as well as the ytterbium optical tweezer array quantum simulation platform currently being developed at Argonne National Laboratory.  Our system aims to implement simulations of quark-level effective field theories for QCD but could also contribute to advances in quantum communication, sensing, and metrology.