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Geodynamics in meta spacetime

Qian Niu, UT Austin
Friday, September 9, 2022 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Semiclassical theory of Bloch particles has provided the basis for our understanding of crystaline metals, semiconductors and insulators.  Berry curvatures deform the phase-space symplectic structure into a non-canonical form, and are accountable for a large number of thermodynamic and transport phenomena in solid state physics.  In this talk, I will extend our theory into spacetime crystals, taking an atomic chain with a phonon mode as an example, and obtain a set of geodynamic equations of motion for an event wavepacket in the phase space of spacetime and their reciprocals.  I will also consider the case with crystal deformation, discuss how an associated lattice connection may seamlessly combine with the Berry connection to establish a covariant semiclassical theory, with applications on the issue of flexo-electricity and magnetism, etc.  My talk will end with a geodynamic formulation for a deformed spacetime crystal, and its surprising formal simplicity compares well with the elegance of particle dynamics in general relativity.

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