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S@INT Seminar: "Reciprocity And Fragmentation"

Duff Neill - Los Alamos National Laboratory
Thursday, May 19, 2022 - 10:30am
PAT C-421 (participants are welcome to join via Zoom as well)

Even before the days of QCD, it was suggested that fragmentation in high energy electron-positron scattering and electron-proton deep-inelastic scattering ought to be related processes, where analytic knowledge of one would enable the prediction of the other. The earliest such proposed such relations were known as the Drell-Levy-Yan relations. Such relations are reasonable for S-matrix elements, but not cross-sections, and now seem to be unworkable. I will give an introduction to how modern insights into the structure of field theories allow one construct verifiable relations between the two processes to all orders in perturbation theory, termed space-like to time-like reciprocity, and open the door to understanding angular ordering to beyond a schematic leading logarithmic statement about fragmentation.

This event will take place in the INT seminar room (C-421). All interested graduate students and faculty are invited to attend.

Participants are also welcome to join via Zoom. Zoom link will be available via announcement email, or by contacting: amccoy10[at] or gsj6[at]

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