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The InQubator for Quantum Simulation (IQuS)

Martin Savage, University of Washington
Monday, November 22, 2021 - 4:00pm
PAA A-102

IQuS was established last year in our Physics Department to improve understanding of strongly interacting, correlated matter and complex quantum systems of importance to nuclear physics, the standard model and quantum information science, from the familiar to the exotic, using quantum simulations and emerging theoretical techniques where quantum entanglement and coherence are essential ingredients. Local researchers, visitors, and community-driven workshops, along with connections with national laboratories and technology companies, are beginning to help create and disseminate new ideas and grow a quantum-ready workforce.  After an introduction, I will discuss recent progress in moving toward using quantum simulation to address key challenges in nuclear physics and the standard model.

Colloquium Recording (Will appear after colloquium has started)

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