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Trapped ions at UW: qubits, qudits, entanglement and fun in two dimensions

Boris Blinov, University of Washington
Monday, October 4, 2021 - 4:00pm
PAA A-102

"In this talk, I will present some recent and ongoing work at the UW Ion Trap group. Our main focus is on quantum computing and quantum simulations. Trapped ions are excellent qubits, and we recently demonstrated a high-fidelity qubit state detection in a trapped ion qubit register. More recently, through our collaboration with the nuclear theory colleagues, we have started the development of qudits, or d-level quantum systems, in single trapped ions. Qudits offer better near-term scaling for some important quantum simulations of QCD and more.

I will also discuss our work towards remote entanglement of a single trapped ion and a solid-state spin (collaboration with the Fu group) and the recent success in stabilizing large two-dimensional ion crystals, which can serve as a platform for large-scale quantum simulation and computation."

Colloquium Recording (Will appear after colloquium has started)

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