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Frontiers in Nuclear Theory Colloquium: "Physics beyond the Standard Model with nuclear probes"

Vincenzo Cirigliano, LANL
Thursday, March 25, 2021 - 10:30am
Zoom (See Event Info)

I will provide a theoretical perspective on searches for physics beyond the Standard Model involving hadrons and nuclei. After presenting an overview of this exciting field, I will focus on two probes that shed light on the origin of neutrino mass and its symmetries. First, I will discuss neutrino-less double beta decay as a probe of lepton number violation, with emphasis on the physics reach of planned experiments as well as theoretical progress towards a QCD-based treatment of the transition amplitudes. Second, I will discuss the prospects to observe lepton family violation in deep inelastic scattering processes at the future Electron-Ion Collider, assessing the discovery potential in light of other probes of this physics. 

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