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Special collective modes from spin-orbit coupling.

Saurabh Maiti (Concordia University)
Monday, November 2, 2020 - 4:00pm
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Collective modes are dynamical excitations of the system. They
are ubiquitous, sometimes unwanted and sometimes extremely useful. In
this talk, I will demonstrate the novel collective-behavior in 2D
systems with parity breaking spin-orbit coupling; with potential
application to emerging technologies like spintronics/magnonics. These
special modes, which we call the chiral-spin waves, exist without any
time-reversal symmetry breaking in the system (no magnetism or
externally applied field). I will discuss the properties of these modes,
their propagation, their origin, their damping, and how to tune their
properties with external knobs like a magnetic field. We will also look
at a couple of experiments that support this idea.

Panopto recording.

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