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Online S@INT Seminar: "Many-body factorization and new measurements of short-range correlations"

Or Hen, MIT
Thursday, June 25, 2020 - 10:30am


In this talk I will present new results from measurements of short-range correlations (SRC) using inverse kinematics proton-scattering at the JINR in Dubna and well as fix-target electron scattering at JLab. The measurements use kinematical pre-selection (JLab) and fragment tagging post-selection (JINR) techniques to suppress contributions from reaction mechanisms other than the hard breakup of SRC pairs and provide new insights to (A) the nature of the strong nuclear interaction at short-distance, (B) its impact on the short-range structure of neutron-rich nuclei, and (C) the factorization of SRCs from the many-body nuclear wave-function.

The data are shown to be well reproduced by new Generalized Contact Formalism (GCF) calculations with input from ab-initio many-body calculations. This observed data-theory agreement also provides new insight to the interplay between short-distance and mean-filed nuclear dynamics in SRC formation.

Last, plans and prospects for additional inverse kinematics measurements at FAIR, FRIB, and JINR will be discussed as a new frontier for SRC studies using radioactive nuclear beams.

Zoom link will be available via announcement email, or by contacting: stroberg[at]

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