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Quantum Simulation Seminar Series: "Using post-supremacy quantum devices for practical applications" 

Jarrod McClean, Google Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab
Tuesday, February 4, 2020 - 2:30pm
PAT C-421

Abstract: Recent advances in the technologies related to quantum computing have allowed the achievement of the so-called "quantum supremacy" milestone.  In this talk, I will briefly recap this achievement, and address how it relates to progress towards practical applications of quantum computers to problems in physics, chemistry, machine learning, and related areas.  I will overview some of the promising algorithms in this area, such as hybrid quantum-classical algorithms and variational quantum eigensolvers (VQE), including challenges that remain in their successful implementation.  This will naturally lead to a discussion of the impact of errors and the road towards quantum error correction prior to full fault tolerance using methods such as quantum subspace expansions.

Bio: Jarrod McClean is a senior research scientist in Google's Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab working on the development of practical quantum algorithms for quantum simulation and other problems. He received his PhD in Chemical Physics from Harvard University specializing in quantum chemistry and quantum computation supported by the US Department of Energy as a Computational Science Graduate Fellow.  His research interests broadly include quantum computation, quantum chemistry, numerical methods, and information sparsity.

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