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Fractional Magnetic Excitations and Kitaev physics in honeycomb α-RuCl3  

Stephen Nagler, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm
PAT C-520

In 2006 Alexei Kitaev put forth an exactly solvable  model of S=1/2 spins on a honeycomb lattice [1].  The ground state of this model is a quantum spin liquid (QSL) exhibiting Majorana fermion excitations.   Subsequently Jackeli and Khaliullin showed how the Kitaev Hamiltonian might actually  be realized in the laboratory [2].  This stimulated a great deal of experimental activity, initially on various iridates, and more recently on the honeycomb magnet a-RuCl3, including a rather spectacular claim that a quantized thermal Hall effect is observed [3].  This seminar will briefly introduce the Kitaev model and its relationship to physical materials along with a brief discussion of fractional magnetic excitations. The focus will then turn to the physics seen in a-RuCl3, with an emphasis on our group’s neutron scattering measurements [4-6].   At low temperaturesa-RuCl3orders in an antiferromagnetic zigzag structure. Despite this ordering, inelastic neutron scattering and spectroscopic measurements  yield evidence for a fractionalized magnetic excitation spectrum. The magnetic order can be suppressed by a magnetic field of 7.5 Tesla applied appropriately in the honeycomb plane, and this results in a disordered quantum phase that is likely some sort of quantum spin liquid. Measurements of the excitation spectrum as a function of field show features that may be related to a high field topological phase transition.

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