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Measurable Learning Objectives Project

Suzanne Brahmia, UW Physics
Thursday, March 2, 2017 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm
PAT C211

​The collaborative development of physics learning objectives can provide a framework for sustaining pedagogical and cultural change (1). MLOP (Measurable Learning Objectives Project) is a new national effort that builds on the products and outcomes of the Science Education Initiatives at UC Boulder and UBC. MLOP focuses on two growth areas. The first is to uniformly address introductory physics learning objectives; we are consolidating the outcomes of prior systematic efforts in the majors’ courses to seed the creation of a succinct set of measurable learning objectives for the introductory sequence. The second is linking measurement with the objectives; we seek measures that help determine whether or not learning objectives have been met. In this talk I will introduce the structure of MLOP, reflections on a pilot implementation at Rutgers in which MLOP has helped focus a community of diverse faculty engaged in a course transformation, and MLOP's potential as a framework for modifying course content and professional development.

1. S. Chasteen et al.(2011)

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