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Spin orbit interaction induced magnetic dynamics

Luqiao Liu, IBM Watson Research Center
Tuesday, December 2, 2014 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
PAT C-520

Controlling magnetic orientation
in a fast and energy-efficient way is both fundamentally important and has
profound technical implications. Conventional ways of switching magnetic moment
include employing magnetic fields from current-carrying coil and using the spin
transfer torque effect from spin valve structures. Recent studies show that
spin orbit interaction induced phenomena, such as the spin Hall effect and spin
momentum locking in topological insulators, can provide effective mechanisms to
generate spin currents and to control the orientation of nano-magnet (
336, 555, (2012) ). In this talk, I will discuss various magnetic
dynamics that can be excited using spin orbit interaction, including
ferromagnetic resonance, reversible magnetic switching and persistent magnetic
oscillations. Compared with conventional spin torque devices, a higher
current-spin conversion efficiency and lower energy dissipation are exhibited
in those experiments. Besides, I will also talk about experimental approaches
that can be utilized to identify the origin and quantify the strength of those
effects (
Nat Phys 10, 561 (2014)). With the information gained
from those measurements, further improvement on the spin generation efficiency
can be expected. ​

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