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Silas Beane


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Silas is a member of the Nuclear Theory Group (NTG), and he is a co-PI and member of the InQubator for Quantum Simulation (IQuS). Silas’s research has focused on nuclear theory, broadly defined, including the study of few-body systems using effective field theory techniques, and the study of hadronic and nuclear structure using a variety of analytical tools as well as lattice gauge theory simulations. He is a founding member of the high-performance computing collaboration Nuclear Physics from Lattice QCD (NPLQCD), the first lattice QCD collaboration to focus its efforts on nuclear interactions. Over the last several years Silas has focused on understanding some mysterious aspects of nucleon structure and few-body nuclear interactions with tools that have emerged from quantum information science, including various measures of entanglement and geometric quantum mechanics. Recently, Silas has also been interested in (i) a way of thinking about solving QCD which is based on light-front or null-plane quantization, and (ii) aspects of atomic physics at the interface of two and three spatial dimensions. Silas is currently funded by grants from the US Department of Energy via the NTG and IQuS.