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Nikolai Tolich (he/him)

Associate Teaching Professor
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PAB B211


Ph.D., Physics, Stanford, 2005
M.Sc., Physics, University of Auckland, 1999
B.Sc., Physics, University of Auckland, 1997

My M.Sc. research, under the supervision of Prof. Paul Barker, was a precise measurement of the 14N+p→14O+n threshold, which is an important parameter in determining the first element of the CKM matrix based on superallowed beta decay FT values.
My Ph.D. research, under the supervision of Prof. Giorgio Gratta with the KamLAND experiment, was the first measurement of neutrinos originating from the Earth. This work combined with an independent analysis performed by Sanshiro Enomoto was published in Nature.
Following my Ph.D. I did a postdoc at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Kevin Lesko where I worked on the SNO experiment that measured neutrinos from the Sun.

Courses Taught

Winter 2018