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Heather Harrington (she/her/hers)

PhD Student
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M.S., Physics, University of Washington, 2021
B.S., Physics, Yale University, 2019
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What is the universe made of? How do those constituents behave and interact? Why is there something rather than nothing?  As an experimental physicist working in nuclear and particle physics, it is my goal to expand human knowledge of the most fundamental building blocks and symmetries of our universe, to understand how they work, and to share this knowledge with others. I love being an experimentalist because it lets me poke the universe and see what it does. My main interests are antimatter, the weak interaction, CP violation, baryogenesis, and gravity. I have done work on the precision and intensity frontiers on collaborations such as Mu2e, AEgIS, and He6-CRES. I have skills in low noise cryogenics, vacuum systems, radioisotopes, RF engineering, optics, MCMC simulations, trigger and DAQ systems, silicon and scintillation detectors, and superconducting magnets.