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Gordon Watts (he/him/his)


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B.S., Physics and Math, University of Texas at Austin, 1989
Ph.D., Physics, University of Rochester, 1994

I am most interested in using collider experiments to explore beyond the Standard Model theories driven by questions like what is dark matter and what caused the matter-anti-matter imbalance in the universe. In particular, those theories that result in Long-Lived Particle final states. I also have a long-standing passion for exploring and improving how computing is used in the field of particle physics and physics in general.

I spend most of my research time active in two large projects: the ATLAS experiment at CERN and IRIS-HEP, an NSF funding Software Institute exploring how to get ready for Run 4 and beyond of the High Luminosity LHC. I am also involved with the MATHUSLA experiment.

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