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October 20, 2017
About 130 million years ago in the distant galaxy, two neutron stars spiraled toward each other and merged. This violent event initiated ripples in the fabric of spacetime — gravitational waves — which propagated through space at the speed of light... Read more
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September 29, 2017
Professor of Chemistry, Daniel Gamelin, is director of the new Molecular Engineering Materials Center for research, education and training in materials science.Featured on UW Today 
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August 28, 2017
University of Washington physicist Kai-Mei Fu discusses quantum internet.Featured on Business Insider 
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August 16, 2017
Physics professor Kai-Mei Fu is quoted in this article.Featured on Wired 
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August 11, 2017
Evolutionary psychology is just the most obvious example of science’s flaws.Featured on Seattle Times 
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July 13, 2017
Forty percent of women of color said that they felt unsafe in their current job as a result of harassment about their gender.Featured on The Washington Post 
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June 15, 2017
According to Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, a theoretical physicist at the University of Washington, axions could theoretically condense into something like a Bose-Einstein condensate.Featured on Quanta Magazine 
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June 9, 2017
A team led by researchers from the University of Washington and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology published their results this week in the journal Nature.Featured on GeekWire 
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June 7, 2017
A team led by the University of Washington and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has for the first time discovered magnetism in the 2-D world of monolayers, or materials that are formed by a single atomic layer. The findings, published June 8.. Read more