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Researchers make a quantum computing leap with a magnetic twist

Submitted by Shane D Debolt on June 28, 2023 - 1:05pm
Quantum computing leap with a magnetic twist
This artistic depiction shows electron fractionalization — in which strongly interacting charges can “fractionalize” into three parts — in the fractional quantum anomalous Hall phase. - Eric Anderson

UW News has just posted a story about new advancements in quantum computing by a team led by Dr. Xiaodong Xu — the Boeing Distinguished Professor of Physics and a professor of materials science and engineering at the UW (as well as the Clean Energy Institute, MolES and NanoES).

Developing quantum computers hinges on building a stable network of qubits — or quantum bits — to store information, access it and perform computations. Yet the qubit platforms unveiled to date have a common problem: They tend to be delicate and vulnerable to outside disturbances. Even a stray photon can cause trouble. Developing fault-tolerant qubits, which would be immune to external perturbations, could be the ultimate solution to this challenge.

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