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Emergency Information


In case of Fire, please exit the building immediately via stairwells to the nearest assembly point indicated below:

Building evacuation assembly points

Please, take care not to block any streets and keep them clear for emergency responders and traffic.  Also note that the Physics Astronomy Building is considered a high rise building and thus the fire alarm system is a "zoned" evacuation system.  This means that alarms may sound only in some areas of the building and not others.  You are encouraged to evacuate any time you hear or see evidence of a fire alarm, whether or not your particular building zone is currently alarmed.


In case of a severe earthquake, shelter in place under your desk or another sturdy table until shaking stops.  After shaking has stopped, immediately but calmly leave the building via accessible stairwells to one of the building evacuation points indicated above.  Avoid the McDermott ("Big Bowling Pin") courtyard and Guthrie Annex Courtyard (just north of the Bwing) as these are areas of underground labs or facilities and keep clear of areas near any buildings (due to possible falling glass, masonary, etc)

Campus Emergency

During a campus wide emergency (eg. police action, civil unrest, etc), University of Washington Emergency personnel can address all areas of the Physics Astronomy complex via a campus wide public address system. Please follow instructions as indicated by emergency personnel. 

NOTE TO INSTRUCTORS, EVENT HOSTS, AND PI's: In the event of an emergency, it is your responsibility to assist your students and guests to safely and quickly evacuate your event.