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Building Maintenance and Alterations

Building Coordinator: Jason Alferness,, 206-221-2974, Office: B256B

For building maintenance needs and other facility needs see the table below. 

​Issue ​Description/Examples ​Primary Contact
​Routine Maintenance Routine Maintenance is maintenance and repair of existing equipment and facilities.  
Examples include: burned out or flickering lights, clogged sink drains, leaky faucets or other leaks, blown fuses, failed outlets or tripped breakers, repair of door handles, locks, etc. , repair of any existing facilities or utilities.
Jason Alferness
Building ​Alterations Building Alterations are MODIFICATIONS to existing facilities to accommodate a particular unit's laboratory, office or other needs.  Building alterations are chargeable work and must be paid for by the requesting unit or research group.​

Examples include: New electrical power or cooling water for new laboratory research equipment.  Modifications of an instructional space to accommodate a newly offered course.
​Jason Alferness
​Custodial Needs ​Cleaning restrooms, public spaces, emptying garbage and public recycling, dust mopping, waxing floors, cleaning chalkboards in Classroom Support Services Classrooms.
​Emergency Custodial or Maintenance Needs ​EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE is after hours maintenance that CANNOT WAIT FOR THE FOLLOWING DAY for resolution.

EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE is typically a building related maintenance need that is or if unaddressed could  lead to a situation that is a danger to university property or could, if unaddressed, lead to a health or safety hazard.

EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE is dispatched by University of Washington Police Dispatchers.  If you encounter an EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE situation, call 206-685-1411 to have a Facilities Operations Maintenance Specialist (FOMS) respond as soon as possible after hours.  Examples include: Persons not in immediate danger but trapped in a non-functioning elevator, evidence of flooding interior spaces of a building, burning smells.
UW Police & FOMS
​Surplus Items, Garbage and Recycling - Cardboard, Paper - Large quantities of cardboard or paper recycling can be recycled at the designated dumpsters located in the Physics Astronomy Loading Dock.
- E-Media Recycling/Waste - An emedia collection point for small batteries, floppy/CD/DVD is located on the 2nd floor of Physics between the B-Wing and Tower wings.
- Surplus: (Non-Hazardous, Non-inventoried) - (eg. broken chairs, office equipment, non-inventoried, non-hazardous electronics) Can be placed in the designated surplus area of the loading dock
- Chemicals or Chemically, Biologically, or radioisotope contaminated equipment or other potentially hazardous equipment - Must be retained by the lab responsible for their generation until they can be picked up by EH&S or cleaned and certified as clean and safe at which point they can be safely surplused.  See EH&S's website for details 
​Chemical Waste and Safety Building Safety Page Environmental Health & Safety ​
​Phones, networking or computing ​Phones

Computing and computer network inside the Physics and Astronomy Building
​Jason Alferness