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Building Access and Maps

PAB Building overhead shot

Building Hours

All wings of the Physics Astronomy Building are open:

OPEN : Monday - Friday - 7 am - 9:30 pm
CLOSED: Saturday, Sunday and University Holidays

Main Office Hours

After-hours Access


Faculty and staff needing to use facilities outside of normal building hours will be issued exterior door keys by their employing department.  All persons using the building outside of normal building hours should have identification on their person while in the building.  Faculty and staff may use the building with their Picture ID Husky Card.  Students who are authorized to use the building outside of normal building hours should also have on their person a valid Building Use Permit.  Office, Laboratory and Instructional Space access can be provided by the Principal Investigator or Manager responsible for the space.   To have a key checked out to you, a Key Request Form (PDF)​ must be completed and needed deposits made to the main office.

Loading Dock


The Physics Astronomy Loading Dock is to be used for UW business only.  Personal vehicles should not be parked in this space.  The Physics Astronomy Dock is open for deliveries Monday - Friday 8am - 4 pm.  Vehicles in the loading dock after closing will not be able leave until the following day. 


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