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Advising & Student Services

The Physics Department is proud to have an outstanding Student Services Team.  They are here to assist you in any way possible.  Contact information for Student Services Staff is at the bottom of this page.

Undergraduates:  To make an advising appointment or view available Drop-In hours for Margot Nims,  Paula Newcomer, Catherine Provost, or Prof. Olmstead, please use the following link:

Schedule an Advising Appointment

NOTE:  You may make an appointment up to 7 days in advance.  Available hours for the next two weeks are updated each Friday.

Whom to contact:

Margot Nims is the Undergraduate Academic Counselor, and can help you with most issues facing undergraduates.  You must meet with Margot to apply for graduation, preferably by appointment.  Margot also distributes add codes for undergraduate courses at the 200-level and above and can help you lift a registration hold.

Paula Newcomer is an Undergraduate Academic Counselor, and can help you with most issues facing undergraduates.   Paula can help you lift a registration hold or apply for graduation.  

Catherine Provost is the Graduate Academic Counselor, and meets with undergraduates by appointment.  It is recommended that undergraduates considering graduate school consult with Catherine early in the application process.   Catherine also distributes add codes to undergraduates who wish to take graduate-level courses and have faculty and department approval.

Prof. Olmstead is the Undergraduate Faculty Advisor, and can help you with issues that require faculty input or perspective.  You must meet with Prof. Olmstead to petition to declare a major, to attempt a particular course for a third time, to register for a graduate course, or to request a substitution of a physics degree requirement.  Prof. Olmstead also reviews transfer or Study Abroad courses for their equivalency to UW Physics courses.

Student Services Program Assistant: TBD

Susan Miller is the Introductory Sequence Program Coordinator.  She can help you register for Physics 11x or 12x or pick up 1xx exams after the date when they were returned in class.

Prof. den Nijs is the Graduate Faculty Coordinator for the Ph.D. program.

Prof. Detwiler is the Graduate Faculty Advisor for the Ph.D. program..

Prof. Wilkes is the Faculty Coordinator for the Professional Masters in Physics.

Student Services Contact Information

Undergraduate Advisor​ Graduate Advisor​ Undergraduate Advisor
​Margot Nims
Office: C139A
Catherine Provost
Office:  C139B​
Paula Newcomer
Office: C139​B

For information about Physics 11x or 12x series see:

Program Coordinator
​Susan Miller
Office:  C136