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UW QuarkNet


Welcome to the QuarkNet Center at University of Washington!

UW QuarkNet pro​vides professional development and on-going support for physics teachers who join the program in Washington state. The teachers work closely with other physics teachers on a research scenario and attend seminars given by acclaimed scientists in the University of Washington. The teachers could apply for travel and stipend through grant support.

QuarkNet is a national collaboration of high school teachers/students and university physicists in an effort to promote: the teaching of modern physics in high school physics courses; the use of inquiry and problem based learning techniques; and exposure of both teachers and students to authentic scientific research programs.​

High school teachers interested in joining the QuarkNet program will have access to meetings during the summer and academic year. As a QuarkNet members, teachers will be qualified to participate in activities such as Fermilab Particle Physics Boot Camp and the High School Teacher (HST) program at CERN ( in Geneva, Switzerland). ​


Please contact Professor Shih-Chieh Hsu ( to learn more details!​

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QuarkNet receives support from the United States National Science Foundation,  the Office of High Energy Physics, Office of Science and the United States Department of Energy, as well as ATLAS, CMS and Fermilab. Centers also receive in-kind contributions from their host institutions, and some have leveraged funds from other sources.