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UW IT Services

As part of the UW Head tax, each department pays into a fund that provides lots of useful services to Faculty, Staff and Students.

Husky OnNet (VPN) provided by F5 BIG-IP Edge Client

 On 4/26/2016 UW IT Launched Husky OnNet (Campus VPN that uses F5 BIG-IP Edge Client - See link for download/install instructions).   This is NOW the preferred method to connect to UW Campus Private network when you are OFF Campus.

DEFINITION:  VPN - Virtual Private Network.  Used to make a secure connection from outside world to private networks that are not normally available to the outside world.  In the case of UW, you can use a VPN (Client software) to connect to machines/systems/services while you are at home or traveling that are on the UW Private network that otherwise would be hidden to the outside world.   Basically it's your super secure key to a room most people do NOT have access to.