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User Accounts

PACS supports two types of accounts currently: UWNetID based accounts and local accounts.  During the year 2012, we will be migrating all of our local accounts to UWNetID logins for all managed desktop platforms (Windows and Linux).  We will only be doing local accounts as needed.  All users should try to work with a UWNetID.  
UW Technology manages the UWNetID login and password. PACS authorizes or de-authorizes access to Physics, INT, and Astronomy resources including desktops, servers, web pages, databases, and file systems. Individual PI's and front office admin will also have the ability to grant and deny access to research and academic resources respectively.
PACS also manages the local accounts.
The following links tell you how to set up the accounts and have links to department policies:
What's the right account for my need?
These things can be confusing but here's a small questionnaire to help you route your request:
  •     Do you have an official title at the University of Washington?
  •     Are you a graduate or undergraduate student at the University of Washington?
  •     Are you visiting here for more than a couple of weeks or the duration of a workshop?
If you can answer "yes" to any of the previous questions, click here for user instructions: UWNetID Accounts
If you said "no" to all three, please email and we can assist you.